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Betrayal Undone 

I am grateful to be able to help individuals and couples affected by problematic sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. Helping them to know they are valuable in God's eyes regardless of their past or what others tell them, so they can rise up, and be who God has created them to be. To live a life full of Grace and abundance. Let's build your self-esteem by reclaiming your value. 

Let's connect with Him and unlock the treasure within you.

Need a same-day session or can’t find a time that matches your schedule? 

Email me at or call (817) 435-2137.

Josie Vanatta is a Certified Life Coach with Betrayal Undone Coaching. She assists individuals, groups, and couples in navigating all phases of recovery from betrayal trauma and problematic sexual behavior.

With her certification in life coaching and multiple other advanced trainings, Josie is well-equipped to offer guidance and support to those who have been affected by problematic sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. She understands that healing from these experiences can be a challenging journey, and she is dedicated to helping her clients through every phase of their recovery process.

Whether you are an individual seeking personal guidance, want to be part of a group looking for support, or a couple working to rebuild trust and understanding, Josie has the expertise to provide tailored assistance. Her compassionate and empathetic approach ensures that clients feel heard and validated as they work towards healing and rebuilding their lives.

Betrayal Undone Coaching is a valuable resource for those looking to address the emotional and psychological impact of betrayal trauma and problematic sexual behavior. Josie's commitment to her clients' well-being and her proficiency as a Certified Life Coach make her a trusted partner in the journey towards recovery and personal growth.